New Residential Area Rabarebase

  • Client: Pinered
  • Year: 2021
  • Services Provided: Branding, Strategy, Digital Marketing
  • Partners: Ruum 414 (design) ja NOPE (web)

Pinered’s new development project near Kiili (Estonia) was named Rabarebase Garden Town. The name was inspired by Rebase (Fox) creek, which originates from the nearby marsh.

The distinctive name provided ample space for creating a strong brand. The visual language, colors, and style were drawn from adventurers’ archetype, and took into account the key forms and Nordic style of Rabarebase’s buildings.

The main themes of Rabarebase’s marketing campaign, social media, and content strategy revolved around the garden town and green living environment, the freedom to choose and design one’s living space, and the “15 minutes to the city” concept.

The central feature of the website was an innovative and freedom-emphasizing purchase configurator.

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