Digital Marketing and Media Strategy Development

Digiturundus ja digimeedia planeerimine

The primary advantage of digital marketing channels is the ability to gain insights into both the nature of your target audience, and the effectiveness of your campaign in a single glance. Moreover, everything is automated, ensuring that later data processing remains clear and straightforward. Taking into account the unique characteristics of every business, we help determine the best approach and the right channels to reach your desired audience. A comprehensive and well-thought-out digital marketing strategy invariably delivers the expected results.

Which Channels Are Used for Digital Marketing Campaigns?

From Google’s platforms, Google Ads is frequently utilized, displaying advertisements in Google search based on queried keywords, in Google-owned platforms (such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps), and in partner channel networks. Our digital specialists are proficient in Google Search, Google Display, Google Video, and Google Analytics. Through these tools, we can analyze campaign outcomes, blog results, and their readability.

Reengaging the Interested Customer

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) campaigns display advertisements to individuals who have previously visited your company’s website. Remarketing is ideal for targeting audiences who need a little extra time before making a purchase but, with a gentle reminder, eventually choose your business. Remarketing ads can be shown to all previous website visitors or to a more specific group, for instance, those who added a product to their cart in an online store, but did not complete the purchase for some reason. Retargeted ads reach customers based on their online behaviour, increasing the likelihood of active engagement.

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