Anniversary Year Concept for the Creative Festival The Golden Egg Awards

  • Client: TULI
  • Year: 2023
  • Services Provided: Creation of the entire anniversary year’s concept
  • Partners: BrandNew, Helen Illend (Designer)

How do you create a concept for the 25th anniversary of The Golden Egg Awards that embodies festivity, and encompasses everyone who has been involved in Estonian marketing over a quarter-century?

The winning idea, 25 Years of Crème de la Crème, drew inspiration from a wordplay in Estonian. Crème de la Crème or Koorekiht in Estonian also refers to an outer layer, a shell that brings us to an egg as a symbol of the prestigious advertising award. At the same time it also characterizes the people participating in the event – as the best of the best are announced.

For this significant event, we peeled off the best advertising pieces layer by layer, revealing them anew.

Eventually, beneath the layers, the core of The Golden Egg Awards is revealed – the essence from 1998, the basis where everything began, and where everything continues to evolve today too. From the core, we travel back to the past, and see that it is simultaneously also the present.

We exist in two parallel worlds where the Nokia 3310 was the coolest tech gadget for millennials, and is now the quirkiest fashion accessory for Generation Z. That’s why our visual creation focused on the aesthetics of the late 1990s.

Seventeen entries were submitted to the thematic competition, and the winner was selected by the TULI board.

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25 a koorekihte