Tallinn Old Town Days – A Fresh View

  • Client: Tallinna Kesklinna Valitsus
  • Year: 2023
  • Services Provided: Concept Development, Graphic Design, Strategy, Social Media, Digital Marketing
  • Partners: Delerin (Design)

For the recent edition of Tallinna vanalinna päevad (Tallinn Old Town Days), an out of usual solution was envisioned. This prompted the client to hold a competition to develop the event concept, which was triumphantly won by the Hundred team.

Our winning idea drew inspiration from the phrase, “Tallinn will never be complete.” This denotes that, while Tallinn’s Old Town embodies a rich cultural heritage, it still conceals several captivating layers waiting to be jointly discovered with the city’s residents during the Old Town Days.

To bring this idea to life, our creative team presented a fresh perspective on the customary view of the Old Town. We utilized recognizable symbolism like arches, circles, and towers, infusing them with a contemporary touch. For instance, the visuals were adorned with the flora thriving in the Old Town’s green spaces.

The mission of the Tallinna vanalinna päevad project is not just to acknowledge this location as a historic UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also to introduce its community and the active non-profit organizations that continually enrich the local culture.

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