Walks in Europe: Boosting the US Sales with Google Ads

  • Client: Walks in Europe
  • Year: 2023-2024
  • Services Provided: Digital Marketing, Website Optimization

Walks in Europe, a tourism company based in Estonia, has built a robust community of local guides across Europe’s most popular cities, offering both small group and private tours.

Historically, the company has also collaborated with distributors to sell its services. However, in the past year, they decided to boost direct sales in the US market through their website, www.walksineurope.com.

In cooperation with Walks in Europe, we identified a specific target group and crafted tailored Google Ads campaigns for each destination. These ads were strategically directed towards regions and customer segments with the highest potential. Additionally, we performed a comprehensive analysis of the client’s homepage and optimized it to enhance its credibility with search engines.

As a result, several important keywords have improved their search rankings. Sales have been increasing steadily each month, and the proportion of purchases made directly through the website has consistently risen.

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