LinkedIn Marketing for Workland Fahle

  • Client: Workland
  • Year: 2023
  • Services Provided: Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media

How do you approach LinkedIn users in a way that highlights the strengths of Workland’s new center, while still adhering to LinkedIn’s content creation rules?

We found a clever solution where we could produce content for 7 different advertising posts with just one blog post. Specifically, we devised a strategy to introduce the new Workland Fahle office space that required us to write just one comprehensive blog post.

For the entire campaign marketing, we also used only one channel – LinkedIn. With this ingenious trick, we got content for a total of 7 posts from one blog.

We divided the sub-topics contained in the blog into smaller content posts, and thoroughly introduced Workland’s new office in Fahle house.

This way, readers received information about office rental terms, what the newest and largest Workland in Fahle house in Tallinn looks like, which companies and lunch spots can be found nearby, and how to reach the office.

Readers could get more information from the Workland website by reading the blog.

In conclusion, we increased the number of visitors to the website, and raised the number of inquiries.

We also tested different visuals, and the posts with the center’s design were the most popular. General visuals of Tallinn or the region underperformed compared to the visuals of the building itself.

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