Optimizing Your Black Friday Marketing Campaign: Essential Tips

In recent years, Black Friday, originating in the US, has evolved into the kickoff for Christmas shopping in Estonia too. You might think that offering a small discount will do the trick, and people will come shopping no matter what. The reality, however, is that competition intensifies during this period. Therefore, beyond offers, it’s crucial to prioritize customer experience, ensuring a seamless journey from initial contact to post-purchase service.

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Fine-tune Your Website

To make your website and online store perform well, it’s necessary to maximize your visitors’ engagement, ensuring they spend enough time on it, and get an impulse to make a purchase. Here are a handful of essential tips on what to do.

  1. Easy navigation. Ensure the menus are intuitive and logical, use clear headings. Also, give your customers an opportunity to search for the desired products or services by adding a user-friendly search tool.
  2. Responsive website. No one is willing to surf a slow website. Optimize your site for quick and pleasant browsing by using compressed images, eliminating unnecessary scripts or plug-ins, and using Content Delivery Network (CDN – delivering content to users from the servers closest to them).
  3. Clear and engaging website. Make sure the users arriving to your site immediately understand what you offer. For this, in addition to a logical structure, use high-quality visuals and videos, and add clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons to encourage users to take a closer look at your products and services.

In order for the content to be valuable and engaging for customers, share information in blog articles, use videos and infographics to present products or services, and if necessary, calculators, configuration solutions, and surveys that help your visitors select suitable products and services.

  1. Comprehensive product pages. Dedicate individual pages to products or services, offering detailed features, multiple views, clear pricing and discounts, as well as customer reviews to ensure reliability.
  2. Proven reliability. Build trust prominently displaying your contact information: phone number, e-mail address, chat option. Also, add security certificates, information about guarantees, and a separate “About Us” page, introducing the company’s history, mission, and values.
  3. Smooth shopping experience. Once the offer is well presented and you’ve gained trust, design a convenient shopping cart. Clearly display the products in it, make them clickable allowing the customer to review the product pages, if needed. Make a straightforward checkout page where you only ask for the necessary information. Do not force the customers to sign up, and offer them the option to complete the purchase as a guest. Finally, make sure you have flexible options for pickup/shipping and payment.
  4. Post-purchase care. Keep your customers informed with friendly and clear confirmation emails and shipping progress updates (the package has been sent, tracking link, estimated arrival date, etc.). You can also ask for feedback and share it on the website.

Since a lot of website traffic data is collected, make sure you use it to analyze the performance of your website. Experiment with different layouts, CTAs, and content to see what works best, and optimize the page based on the results.

Also, don’t forget that the website must work both on computers, as well as on mobile devices: phones and tablets. These days, more than half of the purchases are made on mobile devices, and its importance is constantly increasing, so it’s crucial to have a mobile-friendly website.

Prepare A Proper Digital Campaign

Now that your website is up and running smoothly, it’s time to dive into your campaigns. As a proficient marketer, you’ve probably nearly completed the preparations for your Black Friday and Christmas campaigns. I trust that, alongside other channels, you’ve given due importance to digital channels. No matter how stellar the rest of your campaign may be, thoughtful online support is essential for optimal results. Digital channels offer a unique opportunity to target ads with precision – what could be more effective than ensuring your ads are seen by those who genuinely want to see them?

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Therefore, it’s essential to segment your customers based on demographics, location, preferences, interests, behavior, or purchase history. Leverage past data from your website and social media channels, customer surveys, market research, etc. to facilitate this process. Once you’ve identified the preferred customer profiles, tailor your ads accordingly. Target these profiles on digital channels popular among your customer segments, and launch your campaign.

Don’t overlook the importance of remarketing or retargeting discussed earlier. Especially during the bustling sales period, be prepared to engage actively with customers and maintain a consistent presence on social media platforms. Also consider collaborating with relevant trendsetters to further enhance customer confidence, ultimately boosting sales.

Throughout the campaign, keep an eye on the results. Analyze data and feedback promptly to make necessary adjustments, ensuring a more successful year-end. Additionally, use the insights gained to inform and refine your strategies for the coming years.

To craft the most effective campaigns and enhance user experiences for your customers in the future, it’s crucial to understand the current status of your social media and websites. Get in touch with our team of specialists. We’ll assist you in identifying any bottlenecks seamlessly, and provide tailored solutions, empowering you to optimize your future campaigns and achieve maximum success.